Dash & Dot are two small robots created to help children between 5 and 12 years old to make their hands on robotics, and as we have said before, we love that there are proposals like this to arouse the interest of the little ones , not just for robotics, but for technology in general, beyond handling an iPad or playing a console. So I encourage you to give them an opportunity to discover the feeling of controlling and dominating these robotics.

The system works the following way: through a smartphone or a tablet, the orders are programmed that will later be sent wirelessly to the robots. The Blockly programming system is very simple and it is totally oriented to children of those ages, like the Scratch. They are languages ​​used in many educational centers that also have a large user base on the internet, so if children need help with their electronic pets, it is easy to find support. And this is worth both to get us out of a hurry, and to learn the most sophisticated tricks to squeeze Dash and Dot to the maximum, which come from the hand of Wonder Workshop Spain.
Dash is the largest, with a mobile base that allows you to move freely on the floor or any flat surface, in its “head” has a large eye surrounded by LEDs that allow you to blink, in addition to communicate through them with different beams of light. Completing the set of sensors, 3 microphones, a speaker, 4 infrared emitters, 3 distance sensors, to avoid clashing with the environment, and a receiver so you can recognize and interact with Dot, your little brother we will talk about now .

Dot is basically the head with the LEDs and the camera of its older brother, released from its base with mobile wheels, and supported by a small dock directly on the surface. It does not have its own mobility, but that does not mean that it can not do anything, because it consists of a microphone and a speaker that also serve to communicate, as well as an infrared emitter. Also with its many accessories, you can even take it for a ride.

Because accessories do not lack: from a xylophone to Dash, which allows you to play the melodies you program from the tablet, to rabbit ears for Dot or a stand so that either can hold the smartphone on top of his head. In addition, if your children are Lego fans, they can customize the heads of the two robots with the special compatible parts.

The robots look funny, though they look more like a giant webcam than a robot itself, but they promise hours and hours of fun. As for the applications, we have four that we can install on our smartphone or tablet Android or iOS: one is Go, to start you in the management of the two robots; another Path, to schedule the Dash rides around the room; also Xylo, with which you can compose the melodies that Dash will play with his xylophone; and finally Blockly, the jewel of the crown, with which you can start experimenting with programming and easily get the first results.

The price of these small robots varies between 180 euros for the basic pack (Dash only) and 300 euros, with Dash, Dot and its accessories. Ready to give your first order to a robot?